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My first prototype for 48h Ludum Dare. It has not been ideal but at least I got something playable and I was able to face some goals with good and bad results.

The game is based in time countdown challenge where in each level balls are more unstable. In easy mode, you control the white ball and you need touch other balls to stabilize them. If you achieve stabilize all balls, you win the match and pass to the next level where unistable balls are more hard to get also you get the stabilizer propagation where secundary balls can stabilize too other ones. In hardcore mode, you have less time and also only your main ball can be stabilised.

You can use 3 powerups, Left Mouse for project to a direction, Right Mouse to project to the opposite direction and space to project balls in random directions.

Have fun :)

Install instructions

It is an Unity project ready to be executed in windows.


ld34-build.zip 12 MB


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